Name: nOrikO

Birthplace / Date: Tokyo , 3 April

Instrument: voice , programming , keyboard , guitar

Previous Occupations: ambient dj

Previous Band cul-de-sac

Music Influenced: PIL, the Durutti column, Cabaret Voltaire,

Favourite colour: Orange

Favourite food: cheese , Olive , curry , cherry pie ,

Favourite drink: teas , red wine

Ambiion in life: to be myself

Self description: shy and insanity

Favourite book: Do you love me? by R.D. Laing

Favourite film: Pierrot le fou by Jean-luc Godard
Gattaca by Andrew Niccol

Favourite actor: Beat Takeshi

Favourite actress: Charlotte Rampling

Favourite male singer: Benjamin Biolay

Favourite female singer: Keren Anne

Favourite artist: Tomi Ungerer, Osamu Tezuka

Person you would most like to meet: Freddie Mercury , Serge Gainsbourg

Favourite LPs: Hatful of hollow by the Smiths ,
Sandinista! by the Clash

Favourite single: True Face/1963 by New Order
Barbers Adagio For Strings/William Orbit

Favourite fun thing to do: sleeping , chilling , ambient clubbing

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