Q . Why have you set up your web site on your own?

A . Because , any of the POiSON GiRL FRiEND Products should be under my control. I still do not have a management office to work with. Writing html is quite hard work. but it's fun to me. there is lots of possibility in the net.

Q . Are you interested of net-surfing for a long time?

A . No. I've just started since September, '95. and soon I was going to crazy about it. at the moment , I don't give much attention to the night clubbing. I would rather stay at home.

Q . How long do you spend the time for travelling ?

A . It depends on a day . all day long or just 10 minutes.

Q . No more night clubbing?

A . yes, I love to. I 've started the POiSON GiRL FRiEND in 1989 influenced by several club musics while I lived in the UK. and at that time, the clubs were grown over even in Tokyo. it was really exciting and I got much energy from them. But these days they are too grown, too majour. The clubs must be an underground . and another reason, there is no club for ambient-Jungle & dub in Tokyo at the moment. may be next year - I hope !

Q . Who is your favourite Junglist?

A . GOLDIE ! His music is just what I wanted for a long time. and I'm very looking forward to getting a new stuff of the PLAID.

Q . How about the ambient-dub?

A . I'm falling in love with WiLLiAM ORBiT for a long long time.

Q . You have another project Dark Eyed Kid and how's going on?

A. it was once spilt out but reconstructed early this year. We have arleady made several songs and hope to release the album in the next year.

Q . What different between the POiSON GiRL FRiEND and Dark Eyed Kid?

A . The POiSON GiRL FRiEND is my own project. I can decide everything about the music. but the Dark Eyed Kid is a team with Nobby Style. sometime I need musically partners, and another time I won't.

Q . What is music for you?

A . my answer. my whole world. my hope. my energy. myself... everytime I fall in down and the world seems to against me, music is the only hope to escape. almost slave. sometimes I wonder if I did't know the music I would be happy. but might be sad.

Q . Do you have any dream?

A . none, I never dream.

Q . Are you a lonely person?

A . In private, the answer is no. but in public, I think it's yes. I just can't believe people who works in a music industry except very few.

Q . That's why you're workin'on making the home page by yourself?

A . that's right!

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